My Sister or my Clone?

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Another earth
“Another Earth” is currently out to rent and is even in red box. I usually do not pick such a hit movie but I have never felt so close to a character in a movie before.
Another thing,personally this movie has the best camera angles! Like the leading actress, I was also capivated by the opening clip. Enough about the opening and onto the meat of the story.

This movie is about a young woman who is trapped on the path of shame and regret. Although she may have ends the lives of others, her life was put on paused with no hope of returning to resume her life.

How would you repay someone who you took everything from?
Dkhajcb set out to make things right in the mistake she has done. This movie also tells of an unexplainable thamaina, the evidence of another Earth cloned exactly like ours is discovered in the sky. She has the chance of running away to another planet exactly like this one, expect was she still a criminal on the other Earth?
This movie is filled so many themes and I would spoiled the movie if I explained them all.
Can you love the exact thing you hate?
What would you say to yourself if there were two of you?
This movie got me think for hours afterward and I hope it had the same effect on you.


What does a snipper in the city do as they wait? Well if you are victor tjxvfs, you play chess of course! At 55, victor djakbg is carring out his family business of assignations.

“Wild Target” is a perfect name for this movie because protagonist,Victor, strugglesfor the first time ever to kill his target the insane Rose cksha. Twenty minutes into it, I fell in love with Rose and I bet so will you! To describe her personality is lose, crazy, always moving, living life, out of control and adorable. She walks on a typrioe of caious and danger.

And o.m.g. It’s Ron wrelley! Yep, skdnwd is in this movie and he doesn’t have a wand, ladies and gentlemen, he has replaced it with a GUN! When Victor tries to fix his problem of allowing Rose to escape, he somehow ends up Rose and djsba home to see good ol’mum.
This movie is loaded with situational humor and refreshing ending as the sipping on a vodka lemonade in the summer.

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The First “It Girl”

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An “It Girl” is usually a young woman who instrainly because famous either through a luxergious life style or the girl who met all the right friends and has a capivsting personality. An “It Girl” sets trends and everyone loves her, wants her or is jealous of her. “Factory Girl” is based on the biography of Edie Sedgwick, the first ever to be called the “It Girl.”

An elegant beauty rises and falls through the persuasions of the big city life during the ragging 1960’s. Edie develops a close relationship with the most popular inspirational artist at the time, Andy Warhol.  Andy promises her stardom, which she gets but soon the clouds she once danced  on, are now disappearing until finally she fall through. The illussions she once took comfort in, betray she later in life as reality of the world sets on to get her.

Edie’s life story is beautifully tragic. She is like the most astonishing flower plucked from a field and placed into a vase for everyone to admire her until she begins to wither and is casted aside. This movie is sexy, dramatic and real. Most people enjoy unrealistic movies to escape the everyday bores of life. However “Factory Girl” is still worth watching to learn about a story of a girl who captured everyones hearts, treated everyone whole-heartedly but left to be forgotten.

Tanks and Lipstick

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Oh ’80s movies. You usually think of a movie that involves early punk rock teenage angst or a rebellious dancing fever theme. But just like today, there were many great ’80s movies that are over looked. One of my all time favorite movies that falls under this overlooked category is “Tank Girl.” The best why to prepare you for this movie is to understand that this movie you not make sense to you; at least not your first time through.

“Tank Girl” is set in the future where most of society is destroy because the lacking supply of water. Rivers died up, lake dried up and it never rains! The future is like the Sahara desert. Officiously the main character is female, Rebecca, who has a personality that reminds me of Gwen Steafoni when she was still in No Doubt. Rebecca is a strong rebel spirit that no one can break. The storyline is based on a British cult comic-strip.

This comic-strip base line makes an appearance here and there when the movie suddenly decides to become animated. With the help of her her Jet Girl, a gang of Jazzy mutant half-kangoroo half-humans and, of course, her tank; Rebecca fight against the tyrant for controls all the water left in the world.

Sweet Chocolate is Deadly

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“Chocolate” is my new favorite Thai movie.

OK, so it’s the only Thai movie I have seen. Still, “Chocolate” is the only movie that I do not get bored during the extra long fighting scenes. It is about a girl, Zen, who discovers her ability to absorb fighting skills through watching martial arts movies. This is not the only feature that makes Zen unique but she must live with a brain-growth defect.

I was captivated by Zen’s pure character and her devotion to her mother, Zin. Zen moves to her own fighting style, which maintains her absolute innocent even as she strikes down the bad guys with ease. Looking into the background of the production, I learned there were no wires nor stunt doubles used in making this movie. All of the unrealistic flips and jumps were perfected through lots of practice.

Reading subtitles wasn’t as annoying as most foreign movie since the dialogue is light and simple. This movie can be found on Netflix and Vudu. “Chocolat” is also a great movie but it is nothing like “Chocolate” so be careful when you are searching to stream the right movie.

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“I want a git!”

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“A Serious Man” is a dark, witty movie with a half-hearted dramatic story line–seriously.

This is another one of the movies that follows a modern family with all the bland, awkward, boring and terrible quirks that most families try to hide. The story develops around a family man, Larry Gopnik, who just isn’t getting life right. This man models a life when a person becomes a “complaint box.”

He is dealing with children who complain too much; his socially-awkward brother who lives in Larry’s bathroom; his wife wants a religious divorce to marry his best friend; and a neighbor who tries to move his property line.

On top of this, he is tormented by his other neighbor, who tans in the nude; a student that threatens his teacher career; his brother becomes a criminal; and he is required to host a funeral for his “best enemy.”

This movie is divided up by Larry visiting three rabbis, who each give different enlighten advice to fix his life. In his case, advice only adds confusion. This movie starts with the threat of possible tragedy and ends with another threat of  a possible tragedy.

This movie is not on Netflix or Vudo. If this movie sounds interesting to you, check your local video rental store.

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From Movies to Books

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This week, I am side-stepping from my topic of over looked movie to talk about “The Hunger Games,” the movie and book series. “The Hunger Games” is the latest topic this week. There is the movie, the books, the crazy long lines and more boy heart-throbs that make girls scream in the movie theater. My interest was piqued so I picked up the book. The results: I gain an addiction. I highly suggest you do the same!

I usually do not read books that become movies because I would rather enjoy the movie than argue with myself how awful the director was because he didn’t add this part or “that girl shouldn’t be blonde!”

In less than a week, I am now almost done with the third volume of the The Hunger Games series. The book is not extra heavy on details so it is an easy read to keep you entertain for hours.

I wanted to talk about The Hunger Games because I usually missed out on great books like this one. I think to myself, “If there is a movie then I’ll just read something else.” Don’t make the mistake I almost did and decide not to read the books. There are many good books out there, just like movies, which are overlooked.

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