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Moble Cash or Easy Pay

Posted: January 30, 2011 in today
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Although I’m a girl I hate carrying a bag or purse around. All I need is my phone and my wallet but for the future the only thing people will need would be just their phones! They do everything! You have your basic calling or skyping if you want to be Jetsons- like, internet, live games, write your school papers, GPS, music, translator,calculator of any kind, and you can even buy things with them! It has real cash as much as a debit card has. Obopay is just one of the many rising companies to go through to use this newest method of payment.

Paying with cell phones has been done globally but this futuristic method of payment has been slowly adopted into society. But Inside Contactless, a French company, has mixed thing up a little bit to grasp more attention. Their idea is to make your bank card into a hard sticker. Yay-for you-for not failing arts&craft in per-school! So this credit card sticker can go onto whatever is most convent to the person, that you.

This sticker idea might help jump-start a high demand for using “mobile cash” but in Haiti this is the preferred method of payment as of recently. They don’t fuse over registers, it’s as simple as sending a text message. This mobile payment is also supporting the low economy in Haiti with making it much easier and cheaper for the distribution of food vouchers to earthquake victims. Who knows how this success in Haiti will affect the global interest in mobile payment but for now I’m sticking with my own bank card.


Bad at Football? Try a new sport!

Posted: January 26, 2011 in random

So I got this friend who is in love with ironing. Yes ironing, as in ironing clothes. I make fun of her and she makes fun of me for not being able to iron, besides the one time I ironed the carpet because I knocked off a candle. To me, ironing is little fun but to others it’s more than a daily chore, it’s a sport.

Yep “extreme ironing” is a rising extreme sport. I heard about it a long time ago thinking it was a pattern of home videos posted on YouTube but it’s a globe trend. But this isn’t something for sweet Nana can do! Those people or athletes are ironing while they’re surfing or swinging off a waterfall. This is not a fully relaxing sport. Check out the videos on these sites and be inspired to iron that shirt tomorrow just like the athletes!
Also there are most other sports that I discovered while I was looking into extreme ironing. There slacklining which is basically walking across a type rope. Most are only a few feet above the ground but in other cases a few go way beyond what  you can find at the circus. To those who enjoy the sport it is calming and spiritual like yoga is for some people. Honestly walking across anything that’s an inch thick over the Grand Canyon sounds no way near calming! It could be spiritual though…I would be praying very-very hard.



Posted: January 16, 2011 in facts, Triboluminescence

Triboluminescence- a very fun word to say. In layman’s terms it means “to glow.” It is an illumination seen in the dark. Glow in the dark stickers are nice party favors but it won’t turn heads to “oow” and “aww” over. However biting into a Wint-O-Green Lifesaver causing sparks is a cool trick. Any non free-sugar hard candy will do but Wint-O-Green will probably shine brighter than any other candy that you can find.

Read more about the scientific reason behind the party trick to swallow lighting:

Now that was for the magic tricks but how about adding some triboluminescence into a date. No I don’t mean taking the one you got the hotts for to Laser Quest but a nice romantic stroll on the beach at night. At the right time you can turn around and see your footprints in the sand glowing! Yes it sounds like something straight off of Scooby Doo.

When red tide is high the wave wash up microscopic plankton or dinoflagellates such is also found in deep-sea fish that use light to lure in food. When presser is applied it crushes the dinoflagellates causing a glow just like biting into Wint-O-Green mints. From Alaska Pacific coastline down into Mexico and around the Gulf of Mexico to the west coast of Florida is where this phenomenon is most easily seen.

Here we go!

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Hey World! Let me explain to what I’m up to. Life has many things to discover, cherish, and most importantly to be ENJOYED but the problem is-is how to see interesting and how to find discovery. This blog is not how to go about finding them but noting on somethings that shouldn’t be missed.

I hope something catches your eye here. Please enjoy the updates! ^_^

Hello world!

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