Bad at Football? Try a new sport!

Posted: January 26, 2011 in random

So I got this friend who is in love with ironing. Yes ironing, as in ironing clothes. I make fun of her and she makes fun of me for not being able to iron, besides the one time I ironed the carpet because I knocked off a candle. To me, ironing is little fun but to others it’s more than a daily chore, it’s a sport.

Yep “extreme ironing” is a rising extreme sport. I heard about it a long time ago thinking it was a pattern of home videos posted on YouTube but it’s a globe trend. But this isn’t something for sweet Nana can do! Those people or athletes are ironing while they’re surfing or swinging off a waterfall. This is not a fully relaxing sport. Check out the videos on these sites and be inspired to iron that shirt tomorrow just like the athletes!
Also there are most other sports that I discovered while I was looking into extreme ironing. There slacklining which is basically walking across a type rope. Most are only a few feet above the ground but in other cases a few go way beyond what  you can find at the circus. To those who enjoy the sport it is calming and spiritual like yoga is for some people. Honestly walking across anything that’s an inch thick over the Grand Canyon sounds no way near calming! It could be spiritual though…I would be praying very-very hard.



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