Lawsuits: Bubble Wrap Your Children for Safety

Posted: February 7, 2011 in law, today
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So I was originally looking into those crazy laws that you could get arrested for but probably never have to worry about. Seriously, who drags their donkey into the house to give it a bath and then lets it fall asleep in the bathtub? If it falls asleep its a crime in some states, sad truth. But in my curious search I found something that is a personally shock to me and maybe, if you love your children hood memories too, you will feel the same way. Swing sets….I know you remember them- well for some schools such as those in Cabell County, West Virginia are just too risky to allow children to play on. Swinging is a dangerous act because a child could get hurt. Swing sets and other famous playground equipment are disappearing!

I knew that some parents are very overly protective and also enjoy their rights to sue whoever for whatever reason but I had no idea to how many parents out there are winning, in most cases very melodramatic, lawsuits. Enough lawsuits have accrued that many schools across the US are in fear in heavy costly fins etc. Schools are responding by trying to eliminated accused “extremely dangerous” equipment. And for the worst news of all….some schools are canceling RECESS all together!

Recess being cancel is a child’s nightmare. No more recess is a backwards responds to staying healthy and being active that is being told to these children. If parents are so concern about their children’s well being to the point they will sue a school to take out recess, the only few moments of the day where kids can get some Vitamin-D, then they should probably consider home schooling. I meant at this rate the next latest trend in parenting, guarantee to beat the leash backpack, would be to put every child into a sterilized bubble. This whole ordeal makes me wonder if the writers behind Bubble Boy were on to something…

Children are not pets; they are just younger humans so please parents let’s not get desperate trying to protect them by putting our kids into giant hamster balls! On the positive side if this trend does take off I bet there will be less kidnapping cases. Trying to steal a giant inflatable ball with a person in it seems like it would be a very difficult challenge.

In some cases I understand that some actions are needed but a lawsuit seems to far for most incidence. A child is accidentally pushes and runs into another child, while playing a game, and the child falls and hurts their wrist. Parents start rising their guns and suing school thousands of dollars! I don’t know what happened to the saying “What doesn’t kill you makes you strong” but the flowery version needs to be introduce to this generation of parents. But like I said earlier some, maybe just a few incidences need the extra attention.


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