Church..on the Go!

Posted: February 14, 2011 in religion, today
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Here is a suggestion to organized your iPhone apps. You have your games, your word games, messages/other note storing like apps, those apps you can’t delete, and Confession. In your Confession you can have your daily Bible readings, a holy goldfish, and the latest apps this pass week, blessed by the current Pope (yes the real one from the Vatican City for those who thought there was others), called CONFESSION. As of Feb.2 the app become available to everyone.

What this handy-dandy app is said to help the everyday young Catholic to merge religion with the modern technology involved activities. It helps out any beginner to learn how to start a Catholic confession, can safe and organized your sins! I don’t know about you but a giant list of everything I have done wrong sounds HEAVENLY! Jokes aside now, some have found the app already helpful to get back on track with their faith while others are almost disgusted of the simplicity it reflexes for actually confessions.

(Preview of Confession app)

Pope Benedict XVI fully embraces the reality on how deeply technology is rooted with the current generations. The Pope wishes for young Catholics to accept digital technology in the right Catholic way. He is reaching people through YouTube and other popular websites. If I was younger I would be very excited by the Pope’s blessing to the iPhone app. Say, if my parents wanted to ground me and wanted to take my phone, I would kindly and respectfully remind them that “I have to keep myself! I have to confesses right now what I did! I have to learn how to pray about this! I must confession!” And then I would probably shout a “hallelujah!” or “Amen!” But that might be a little awkward since my family isn’t Catholic but to the kids who are…it wouldn’t hurt to try!

But don’t think this will replace your guilt from not getting to the church on time. would like everyone to understand that the blessed app won’t take your sins away. True forgiveness By the Catholic way, your sins still need to be forgiven by the priest. The app is just a helpful tool so don’t abuse it! Cause then you’ll have to add that into your confession too!


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