Entering a 3D Entertainment World!

Posted: March 7, 2011 in today

The next best thing in toys have gotten even more realistic! The newest gameboy style is the Nintendo 3DS. It is more than just the third version of DS but has 3D features! Nintendo launched their new toy in Japan last week. Of course it is Japan who got this first since Nintendo is a Japanese company but Japan is like the Stork Baby Deliverer of technology to the world.

I was a bit skeptical about Nintendo’s claims of their 3D effects. I figured it was zooming in on graphic details of the game. It’s more than than. I’m now convince that it pops off the screen! But if that seems a little overwhelming to deal with for you, Nintendo 3DS has you covered. You can personally adjust the level of 3D that you want! You can’t do that in a movie. Speaking of which, you don’t need to wear annoying glasses like you have to in the movies either. It can also take 3D pictures and has Internet.  There are whispers that since it can play video and internet that it will also stream Netflix movies, but that is just in the plans for the American versions.

For the US sadly we will have to wait until April 2011 to even get our hands on one. Pre-orderers get theirs March 27th. You can’t even get the Japanese version right now. Japanese store selves with Nintendo 3DS were raped in the matter of minutes by fans. Not counting pre-orders, 400,000 device were sold in Japan less than 24 hours. It is completely sold out and will must likely get sold out again once they make more.

The thing that brothers me is how they were finished making the Nintendo 3DS last year but they took almost a whole year to prompt it. That’s a lot of waiting time for a Nintendo fan. Their commercials are a bit cheesy but it was enough to spark over 400,000 people in Japan to want to camp out by stores the day before it was release. This might just be going on my birthday wish list…in ague blue of course!


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