Best Friends

Posted: March 28, 2011 in random, religion
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At first when I saw that this video got the award for best documentary and best over all video from Vimeo, I didn’t want to believe it. Everyone loves a touching man’s best friend story and don’t get me wrong, I enjoy these stories as much as everyone else. However, first place? Well this video didn’t seem like the blue stain ribbon like.
Listening I got lost in the story and didn’t know he was even talking about his dog. Nothing he said was really clear either. I felt like the only reason I continued to watch it was because I was waiting for something to happen. Well, sadly what happens is the dog is put to sleep but a story doesn’t seem completely there. It’s more casual news told in the most dramatic way possible. It should have given more about the dog and who the dog was.
Wanting to prove my point that this video isn’t the best out there I watched it again. Of course after I did so I ended up liking it more. Sure this video is load with sympathy points: best friend, handicap dog, death, and some crying, but it is real. He doesn’t jump into a character who is aware of being filmed or at least he doesn’t seem to be. Realness is raw, choppy, illiterate, loss, unstructured, awkward, and as engrossing as picking at a scab. He doesn’t use fluffy words and only his narrative is semi-organized. All the parts that I didn’t like is what makes this video art.
This video can go into multiple direction on its impact. It’s friendship, its spiritual, its sad, complying, and maybe personally nostalgic for some people. This video was giving video of the year for 2010 and there might be other videos that I think deserve more attention but I would agree that Oden should be at least notice.


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