Hated British Beer

Posted: April 25, 2011 in today, Uncategorized
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Everyone in the U.K. is getting excited for the upcoming royal wedding in England. It’s the older one so those who still dream about marrying a prince, prince Henry is still teychnolly open. This wedding will be broadcast LIVE in April 29 which is just around the corner. you can watch this on YouTube on April 29.

Like I said, Prince William is finally getting married off, to the lucky Kate Middleton, and for some reason beer brewers are jumping at themeing out their line of beer. Adnam has “Royal Wedding Ale” which is simple and sweet and Castle Rock Brewery’s play a pun off of the Broadway musical and its called “Kiss Me Kate.” But one Scottish beer brewer has going himself maybe a little too much “excited”.  He themed his new line of beer after this holy matchonony. There’s “Arise Prince Willy” and “Celebrate Big Willy Style”. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that this certain brand of beer is called Royal Virility Performance a.k.a. the first ever Viagra beer!

This new beer is “raising excitement” as the first even line that contains Viagra. Yep, Viagra because beer is for old men too. Three beers equals one little blue pill. But it is almost insulting to think that Prince William needs a little extra help. He isn’t that retired yet but still BewDog sent he a few packs for his wedding night.

BewDog does claim uniqueness but the royal family doesn’t seem to enjoy their creativity. A few days after Bewdog sent a pack of beer to Prince William to crack open on the night of his honeymoon. Bewdog also sent a large amount to be served at the reception but the royal family gave a complete rejection. If there were plans before to serve beer, it is completely out of the question now. Prince Willy ban beer entirely from the wedding. It’s a royal wedding! I don’t know why BewDog thought their themed beer was equally harmless as a plate. You can buy a cup, plate, etc. souvenirs but beer was just not classy enough for this to-be wed couple.


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