Nothing to do except watch Nothing

Posted: February 9, 2012 in movie

Nothing is the absent of…well, anything. “Nothing” is also a movie about nothing at all. I have looked for this movie a while and it is now on my favorite movie list.

 This movie evolves around only two characters and their friendship. Dave is a hermit who is incredibly terrified of the outside he cannot throw his own trash away. Answer is Dave’s longtime friend and roommate friend who takes advantages of Dave’s friendship. There is also Dave’s turtle, which happens to be the only witness to the chaos the two friends cause in the world of Nothing.

The movie starts in everyday life filled with clutter, noise and people. These two best friends find escape from reality by wishing away their problems. By wishing, of course, I mean hate. The real world was against these two friends to live, in peace, so they defended themselves by hating the world and everything in it away.

The world of Nothing they find themselves in was created through their power to hate.  Soon they realized they had this one god-like power to make all the bad disappear. The movie continues as the two friends co-exist in the vast void of nothing-ness. This movie is creative with twisted-humor and friendship.

This is Movie Detective signing out!



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