Classy Horror

Posted: February 16, 2012 in movie
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One of my all-time favorite horror movies is “The Others.” Set in England’s countryside after the World War II, the movie begins in a classical Gothic tone. Grace Stewart, (Nicole Kidman), waits in a darkened mansion with her two children for her husband to return. The movie begins when three servants arrive to care of the household of the questionably mad family.

The servants learn of the strange disappearance of the previous servants of the household. However, they are not scared away and stay to take care of Grace’s strict demands and the children. No one seems to be telling the truth and, in the shadows, unseen strangers begin to take action. Are you keeping the right people close to you; or have you accidentally locked your only hope outside?

This movie involves a level of mystery that lurks in the shadows between open doors. Different from most horror movies, suspense is built upon the questionable behavior of the characters than sudden pop-up horrific images. What I love most about “The Others” is plot driven, which provides the long-lasting chill up your spine. “The Others” can be found on Netflix and Vudu.

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