“When’s the Magic Date?”

Posted: March 8, 2012 in movie
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Don’t let the title trick you or..scare you; “Marry Me” is a pleasing romance movie. It tells a story of a work-focused female social worker who meets an old soul Romeo. It is in the chick-flick genre but not one of the completely velvet smooth heartthrob or a romantic comedy that over tries to please the male tag-a-long audience.

It has the romantic quirks to make girls blush and feel a sense of innocent. Its fresh points here and there prevent it from becoming a super “lovey-dovey” movie. However, the motif of any love story is the classic love-triangle; and in this movie it should be called a “trifecta.”
There is the perfect Romeo type, the rich smooth-talking best friend playboy and the ex-boyfriend adventurer that returns with a humble cause and a proposal. Who will Rae Carter, played by Lucy Liu, choose?

Thinking she has run away from all of them, which one chases after her, and most importantly, who will catch her? I can’t blame her for wanting to run away, like one of her cases, to a place far from her starting point. I’m sure that everyone once in a while thinks about jet-setting; taking off to some wild adventure. Don’t you hate it?…I mean, don’t you hate how simple it is in movies? Only fantasy get the better deal but that is why we love movies.

This is Movie Night Detective signing out!



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