“I want a git!”

Posted: March 29, 2012 in movie

“A Serious Man” is a dark, witty movie with a half-hearted dramatic story line–seriously.

This is another one of the movies that follows a modern family with all the bland, awkward, boring and terrible quirks that most families try to hide. The story develops around a family man, Larry Gopnik, who just isn’t getting life right. This man models a life when a person becomes a “complaint box.”

He is dealing with children who complain too much; his socially-awkward brother who lives in Larry’s bathroom; his wife wants a religious divorce to marry his best friend; and a neighbor who tries to move his property line.

On top of this, he is tormented by his other neighbor, who tans in the nude; a student that threatens his teacher career; his brother becomes a criminal; and he is required to host a funeral for his “best enemy.”

This movie is divided up by Larry visiting three rabbis, who each give different enlighten advice to fix his life. In his case, advice only adds confusion. This movie starts with the threat of possible tragedy and ends with another threat of  a possible tragedy.

This movie is not on Netflix or Vudo. If this movie sounds interesting to you, check your local video rental store.

This is Movie Night Detective signing out!



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