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Everyone in the U.K. is getting excited for the upcoming royal wedding in England. It’s the older one so those who still dream about marrying a prince, prince Henry is still teychnolly open. This wedding will be broadcast LIVE in April 29 which is just around the corner. you can watch this on YouTube on April 29.

Like I said, Prince William is finally getting married off, to the lucky Kate Middleton, and for some reason beer brewers are jumping at themeing out their line of beer. Adnam has “Royal Wedding Ale” which is simple and sweet and Castle Rock Brewery’s play a pun off of the Broadway musical and its called “Kiss Me Kate.” But one Scottish beer brewer has going himself maybe a little too much “excited”.  He themed his new line of beer after this holy matchonony. There’s “Arise Prince Willy” and “Celebrate Big Willy Style”. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that this certain brand of beer is called Royal Virility Performance a.k.a. the first ever Viagra beer!

This new beer is “raising excitement” as the first even line that contains Viagra. Yep, Viagra because beer is for old men too. Three beers equals one little blue pill. But it is almost insulting to think that Prince William needs a little extra help. He isn’t that retired yet but still BewDog sent he a few packs for his wedding night.

BewDog does claim uniqueness but the royal family doesn’t seem to enjoy their creativity. A few days after Bewdog sent a pack of beer to Prince William to crack open on the night of his honeymoon. Bewdog also sent a large amount to be served at the reception but the royal family gave a complete rejection. If there were plans before to serve beer, it is completely out of the question now. Prince Willy ban beer entirely from the wedding. It’s a royal wedding! I don’t know why BewDog thought their themed beer was equally harmless as a plate. You can buy a cup, plate, etc. souvenirs but beer was just not classy enough for this to-be wed couple.


Entering a 3D Entertainment World!

Posted: March 7, 2011 in today

The next best thing in toys have gotten even more realistic! The newest gameboy style is the Nintendo 3DS. It is more than just the third version of DS but has 3D features! Nintendo launched their new toy in Japan last week. Of course it is Japan who got this first since Nintendo is a Japanese company but Japan is like the Stork Baby Deliverer of technology to the world.

I was a bit skeptical about Nintendo’s claims of their 3D effects. I figured it was zooming in on graphic details of the game. It’s more than than. I’m now convince that it pops off the screen! But if that seems a little overwhelming to deal with for you, Nintendo 3DS has you covered. You can personally adjust the level of 3D that you want! You can’t do that in a movie. Speaking of which, you don’t need to wear annoying glasses like you have to in the movies either. It can also take 3D pictures and has Internet.  There are whispers that since it can play video and internet that it will also stream Netflix movies, but that is just in the plans for the American versions.

For the US sadly we will have to wait until April 2011 to even get our hands on one. Pre-orderers get theirs March 27th. You can’t even get the Japanese version right now. Japanese store selves with Nintendo 3DS were raped in the matter of minutes by fans. Not counting pre-orders, 400,000 device were sold in Japan less than 24 hours. It is completely sold out and will must likely get sold out again once they make more.

The thing that brothers me is how they were finished making the Nintendo 3DS last year but they took almost a whole year to prompt it. That’s a lot of waiting time for a Nintendo fan. Their commercials are a bit cheesy but it was enough to spark over 400,000 people in Japan to want to camp out by stores the day before it was release. This might just be going on my birthday wish list…in ague blue of course!

Church..on the Go!

Posted: February 14, 2011 in religion, today
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Here is a suggestion to organized your iPhone apps. You have your games, your word games, messages/other note storing like apps, those apps you can’t delete, and Confession. In your Confession you can have your daily Bible readings, a holy goldfish, and the latest apps this pass week, blessed by the current Pope (yes the real one from the Vatican City for those who thought there was others), called CONFESSION. As of Feb.2 the app become available to everyone.

What this handy-dandy app is said to help the everyday young Catholic to merge religion with the modern technology involved activities. It helps out any beginner to learn how to start a Catholic confession, can safe and organized your sins! I don’t know about you but a giant list of everything I have done wrong sounds HEAVENLY! Jokes aside now, some have found the app already helpful to get back on track with their faith while others are almost disgusted of the simplicity it reflexes for actually confessions.

(Preview of Confession app)

Pope Benedict XVI fully embraces the reality on how deeply technology is rooted with the current generations. The Pope wishes for young Catholics to accept digital technology in the right Catholic way. He is reaching people through YouTube and other popular websites. If I was younger I would be very excited by the Pope’s blessing to the iPhone app. Say, if my parents wanted to ground me and wanted to take my phone, I would kindly and respectfully remind them that “I have to keep myself! I have to confesses right now what I did! I have to learn how to pray about this! I must confession!” And then I would probably shout a “hallelujah!” or “Amen!” But that might be a little awkward since my family isn’t Catholic but to the kids who are…it wouldn’t hurt to try!

But don’t think this will replace your guilt from not getting to the church on time. would like everyone to understand that the blessed app won’t take your sins away. True forgiveness By the Catholic way, your sins still need to be forgiven by the priest. The app is just a helpful tool so don’t abuse it! Cause then you’ll have to add that into your confession too!

So I was originally looking into those crazy laws that you could get arrested for but probably never have to worry about. Seriously, who drags their donkey into the house to give it a bath and then lets it fall asleep in the bathtub? If it falls asleep its a crime in some states, sad truth. But in my curious search I found something that is a personally shock to me and maybe, if you love your children hood memories too, you will feel the same way. Swing sets….I know you remember them- well for some schools such as those in Cabell County, West Virginia are just too risky to allow children to play on. Swinging is a dangerous act because a child could get hurt. Swing sets and other famous playground equipment are disappearing!

I knew that some parents are very overly protective and also enjoy their rights to sue whoever for whatever reason but I had no idea to how many parents out there are winning, in most cases very melodramatic, lawsuits. Enough lawsuits have accrued that many schools across the US are in fear in heavy costly fins etc. Schools are responding by trying to eliminated accused “extremely dangerous” equipment. And for the worst news of all….some schools are canceling RECESS all together!

Recess being cancel is a child’s nightmare. No more recess is a backwards responds to staying healthy and being active that is being told to these children. If parents are so concern about their children’s well being to the point they will sue a school to take out recess, the only few moments of the day where kids can get some Vitamin-D, then they should probably consider home schooling. I meant at this rate the next latest trend in parenting, guarantee to beat the leash backpack, would be to put every child into a sterilized bubble. This whole ordeal makes me wonder if the writers behind Bubble Boy were on to something…

Children are not pets; they are just younger humans so please parents let’s not get desperate trying to protect them by putting our kids into giant hamster balls! On the positive side if this trend does take off I bet there will be less kidnapping cases. Trying to steal a giant inflatable ball with a person in it seems like it would be a very difficult challenge.

In some cases I understand that some actions are needed but a lawsuit seems to far for most incidence. A child is accidentally pushes and runs into another child, while playing a game, and the child falls and hurts their wrist. Parents start rising their guns and suing school thousands of dollars! I don’t know what happened to the saying “What doesn’t kill you makes you strong” but the flowery version needs to be introduce to this generation of parents. But like I said earlier some, maybe just a few incidences need the extra attention.

Moble Cash or Easy Pay

Posted: January 30, 2011 in today
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Although I’m a girl I hate carrying a bag or purse around. All I need is my phone and my wallet but for the future the only thing people will need would be just their phones! They do everything! You have your basic calling or skyping if you want to be Jetsons- like, internet, live games, write your school papers, GPS, music, translator,calculator of any kind, and you can even buy things with them! It has real cash as much as a debit card has. Obopay is just one of the many rising companies to go through to use this newest method of payment.

Paying with cell phones has been done globally but this futuristic method of payment has been slowly adopted into society. But Inside Contactless, a French company, has mixed thing up a little bit to grasp more attention. Their idea is to make your bank card into a hard sticker. Yay-for you-for not failing arts&craft in per-school! So this credit card sticker can go onto whatever is most convent to the person, that you.

This sticker idea might help jump-start a high demand for using “mobile cash” but in Haiti this is the preferred method of payment as of recently. They don’t fuse over registers, it’s as simple as sending a text message. This mobile payment is also supporting the low economy in Haiti with making it much easier and cheaper for the distribution of food vouchers to earthquake victims. Who knows how this success in Haiti will affect the global interest in mobile payment but for now I’m sticking with my own bank card.