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From Movies to Books

Posted: March 24, 2012 in movie
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This week, I am side-stepping from my topic of over looked movie to talk about “The Hunger Games,” the movie and book series. “The Hunger Games” is the latest topic this week. There is the movie, the books, the crazy long lines and more boy heart-throbs that make girls scream in the movie theater. My interest was piqued so I picked up the book. The results: I gain an addiction. I highly suggest you do the same!

I usually do not read books that become movies because I would rather enjoy the movie than argue with myself how awful the director was because he didn’t add this part or “that girl shouldn’t be blonde!”

In less than a week, I am now almost done with the third volume of the The Hunger Games series. The book is not extra heavy on details so it is an easy read to keep you entertain for hours.

I wanted to talk about The Hunger Games because I usually missed out on great books like this one. I think to myself, “If there is a movie then I’ll just read something else.” Don’t make the mistake I almost did and decide not to read the books. There are many good books out there, just like movies, which are overlooked.

This is Movie Night Detective signing out!