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Moble Cash or Easy Pay

Posted: January 30, 2011 in today
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Although I’m a girl I hate carrying a bag or purse around. All I need is my phone and my wallet but for the future the only thing people will need would be just their phones! They do everything! You have your basic calling or skyping if you want to be Jetsons- like, internet, live games, write your school papers, GPS, music, translator,calculator of any kind, and you can even buy things with them! It has real cash as much as a debit card has. Obopay is just one of the many rising companies to go through to use this newest method of payment.

Paying with cell phones has been done globally but this futuristic method of payment has been slowly adopted into society. But Inside Contactless, a French company, has mixed thing up a little bit to grasp more attention. Their idea is to make your bank card into a hard sticker. Yay-for you-for not failing arts&craft in per-school! So this credit card sticker can go onto whatever is most convent to the person, that you.

This sticker idea might help jump-start a high demand for using “mobile cash” but in Haiti this is the preferred method of payment as of recently. They don’t fuse over registers, it’s as simple as sending a text message. This mobile payment is also supporting the low economy in Haiti with making it much easier and cheaper for the distribution of food vouchers to earthquake victims. Who knows how this success in Haiti will affect the global interest in mobile payment but for now I’m sticking with my own bank card.