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The First “It Girl”

Posted: April 14, 2012 in movie
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An “It Girl” is usually a young woman who instrainly because famous either through a luxergious life style or the girl who met all the right friends and has a capivsting personality. An “It Girl” sets trends and everyone loves her, wants her or is jealous of her. “Factory Girl” is based on the biography of Edie Sedgwick, the first ever to be called the “It Girl.”

An elegant beauty rises and falls through the persuasions of the big city life during the ragging 1960’s. Edie develops a close relationship with the most popular inspirational artist at the time, Andy Warhol.  Andy promises her stardom, which she gets but soon the clouds she once danced  on, are now disappearing until finally she fall through. The illussions she once took comfort in, betray she later in life as reality of the world sets on to get her.

Edie’s life story is beautifully tragic. She is like the most astonishing flower plucked from a field and placed into a vase for everyone to admire her until she begins to wither and is casted aside. This movie is sexy, dramatic and real. Most people enjoy unrealistic movies to escape the everyday bores of life. However “Factory Girl” is still worth watching to learn about a story of a girl who captured everyones hearts, treated everyone whole-heartedly but left to be forgotten.