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Last week I committed to something bigger than I ever have before; 1-year lease for a shared townhouse. Three cheers for having to pay bills! The place is unfurnished and since I’m in college I follow the stereotype of being a little cheap. But I also want my place to be a little cute. So I’m doing a little sidestep from my usually blogs to talk about a few cool things I found that are cheap and go green decorating ideas. One of the things I’ve always loved are the old fashion bath tub couches. I don’t think there’s a tub big enough for a family size cough but its nice for small places as a cute chic love seat. You can buy them or make them if you have the man power to do so. Be careful if you plan on buying one. Some are over priced but at least, however much you pay, its recyclable. It feels to be green but its also nice to save a little green.

But on the smaller side for decorations surf through a few things of people just getting creative for things they probably should have thrown out. Instead they made art. And yes it was cheap! Like someone took plastic silverware and attached behind a batter part of a clock and created well a clock but much pretty looking one. Here’s other idea. Get a string of lights and start collecting glass bottles such as wine bottles or coca-cola if you want to be a little more playful. You then stick in the light at the mouth of the bottle. Cut out a hole and a small side of a cork and place around the string. Attach with hot glue, or whatever you wish, around the inside mouth of the bottle then quickly push in the cork the glue back the cut out piece of cork in piece. Make a few and hang them over a corner or the table. I have a small eating area so that is where I’ll be putting mine. really helped my creative side going.

Another few ideas that I picked up while I was on my internet safari. I thought about taking an old wired bird cage, hang it from the ceiling, and place a scarf that I know I’ll never actually use in side the cage, and also my iHome. I’ll have the player face the cage door if I ever need to switch out my mp3 but most iHome come with a remote so changing the song shouldn’t be a problem. Now that’s the best song bird that I could ever imagine. I have also seen a chandelier out of water bottles. The get crafty forum was also helpful with crafty ideas and if you are feeling like taking something that you just can’t throw away yet you should check out their ideas.

Cheap the price tag everyone loves; you like sales but you cheap and easy and good ten times better! Also being a little crafty makes you enjoy your place much better and you never have to worry about looking like Pottery Barn window display.

If you have large ideas then you should visit I probably spent too much time on looking through this web site. Dornob has a lot of interesting “stuff”. It’s pretty if you have a see for yourself than me explain it.