Tanks and Lipstick

Posted: April 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

Oh ’80s movies. You usually think of a movie that involves early punk rock teenage angst or a rebellious dancing fever theme. But just like today, there were many great ’80s movies that are over looked. One of my all time favorite movies that falls under this overlooked category is “Tank Girl.” The best why to prepare you for this movie is to understand that this movie you not make sense to you; at least not your first time through.

“Tank Girl” is set in the future where most of society is destroy because the lacking supply of water. Rivers died up, lake dried up and it never rains! The future is like the Sahara desert. Officiously the main character is female, Rebecca, who has a personality that reminds me of Gwen Steafoni when she was still in No Doubt. Rebecca is a strong rebel spirit that no one can break. The storyline is based on a British cult comic-strip.

This comic-strip base line makes an appearance here and there when the movie suddenly decides to become animated. With the help of her her Jet Girl, a gang of Jazzy mutant half-kangoroo half-humans and, of course, her tank; Rebecca fight against the tyrant for controls all the water left in the world.


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