Sweet Chocolate is Deadly

Posted: April 7, 2012 in movie
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“Chocolate” is my new favorite Thai movie.

OK, so it’s the only Thai movie I have seen. Still, “Chocolate” is the only movie that I do not get bored during the extra long fighting scenes. It is about a girl, Zen, who discovers her ability to absorb fighting skills through watching martial arts movies. This is not the only feature that makes Zen unique but she must live with a brain-growth defect.

I was captivated by Zen’s pure character and her devotion to her mother, Zin. Zen moves to her own fighting style, which maintains her absolute innocent even as she strikes down the bad guys with ease. Looking into the background of the production, I learned there were no wires nor stunt doubles used in making this movie. All of the unrealistic flips and jumps were perfected through lots of practice.

Reading subtitles wasn’t as annoying as most foreign movie since the dialogue is light and simple. This movie can be found on Netflix and Vudu. “Chocolat” is also a great movie but it is nothing like “Chocolate” so be careful when you are searching to stream the right movie.

This is Movie Night Detective signing out!



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