Just Gonna Take What’s Yours…and Theirs.”

Posted: April 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

What does a snipper in the city do as they wait? Well if you are victor tjxvfs, you play chess of course! At 55, victor djakbg is carring out his family business of assignations.

“Wild Target” is a perfect name for this movie because protagonist,Victor, strugglesfor the first time ever to kill his target the insane Rose cksha. Twenty minutes into it, I fell in love with Rose and I bet so will you! To describe her personality is lose, crazy, always moving, living life, out of control and adorable. She walks on a typrioe of caious and danger.

And o.m.g. It’s Ron wrelley! Yep, skdnwd is in this movie and he doesn’t have a wand, ladies and gentlemen, he has replaced it with a GUN! When Victor tries to fix his problem of allowing Rose to escape, he somehow ends up Rose and djsba home to see good ol’mum.
This movie is loaded with situational humor and refreshing ending as the sipping on a vodka lemonade in the summer.


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