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Lipstick for the Murdered

Posted: February 23, 2012 in movie

Lipstick, bullets, and funerals brought this modern family together. “Drool” is about an Oklahoma mother, Anora, who survives her abusive marriage by living in her own fantasy world.  In her head, she has “fantasy Bob,” who is a kind, romantic and most unrealistic husband. But the fantasy in her head isn’t enough anymore to stop her to want what she truly desires.

Then, destiny intervenes and the lonely housewife meets her new neighbor, Imogene. Imogene is a beautiful, spunky black woman who works as a traveling beautician. Her racist husband tries to stop their friendship, but the two women are naturally drawn to one another. Soon, they fall in love, which leads to the accidental death of Anora’s husband.

It seems like a strong women empowered movie yet it is more of a twisted dark comedy with a female lead. After Anora’s husband’s death, the story takes off. Since a dead body is not environmentally healthy to keep in the house, Anora takes her two kids and her new lover to Georgia to dispose of the body. Of course, Georgia is the most rational place to go when you have a dead body in the trunk!

This movie fit between “Napoleon Dynamite” and “Sunshine Cleaners.” The dark characters of the movie are covered perfectly by situational humor. Its shows how death can bring a family closer together. This short independent movie is perfect for the awkward time in your weekend’s afternoons. This movie is on Netflix.

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Classy Horror

Posted: February 16, 2012 in movie
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One of my all-time favorite horror movies is “The Others.” Set in England’s countryside after the World War II, the movie begins in a classical Gothic tone. Grace Stewart, (Nicole Kidman), waits in a darkened mansion with her two children for her husband to return. The movie begins when three servants arrive to care of the household of the questionably mad family.

The servants learn of the strange disappearance of the previous servants of the household. However, they are not scared away and stay to take care of Grace’s strict demands and the children. No one seems to be telling the truth and, in the shadows, unseen strangers begin to take action. Are you keeping the right people close to you; or have you accidentally locked your only hope outside?

This movie involves a level of mystery that lurks in the shadows between open doors. Different from most horror movies, suspense is built upon the questionable behavior of the characters than sudden pop-up horrific images. What I love most about “The Others” is plot driven, which provides the long-lasting chill up your spine. “The Others” can be found on Netflix and Vudu.

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Nothing to do except watch Nothing

Posted: February 9, 2012 in movie

Nothing is the absent of…well, anything. “Nothing” is also a movie about nothing at all. I have looked for this movie a while and it is now on my favorite movie list.

 This movie evolves around only two characters and their friendship. Dave is a hermit who is incredibly terrified of the outside he cannot throw his own trash away. Answer is Dave’s longtime friend and roommate friend who takes advantages of Dave’s friendship. There is also Dave’s turtle, which happens to be the only witness to the chaos the two friends cause in the world of Nothing.

The movie starts in everyday life filled with clutter, noise and people. These two best friends find escape from reality by wishing away their problems. By wishing, of course, I mean hate. The real world was against these two friends to live, in peace, so they defended themselves by hating the world and everything in it away.

The world of Nothing they find themselves in was created through their power to hate.  Soon they realized they had this one god-like power to make all the bad disappear. The movie continues as the two friends co-exist in the vast void of nothing-ness. This movie is creative with twisted-humor and friendship.

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